The Place Of An Immigrant On Earth(Çağrı Çardaklı/Hikâye Dalında 3. Olan Eser)


The Place Of An Immigrant On Earth

The Place Of An Immigrant On Earth


I can’t sleep in the sunshine. That morning my sleep was spoiled with the first lights of the sun. I got up and washed my face. I saw myself in that small mirror that Süveyda gave me. That morning I understood how thirty years' time elapsed quickly. Nothing was like before anymore, everything changed. Even when a person wakes up from a few hours of sleep, he realizes that something has changed in his life. It's time that changes the space for me. If the time changes and evolves, the space changes correspondingly. When I looked at the mirror and thought about it, Süveyda came to my mind. Thirty years ago I moved with my wife in the excitement of the first years of my profession and there was a immigrant worker family migrating from Syria to a neighborhood in Kadikoy. The increasing number of immigrants had irregular lives and irregular jobs. This irregularity was increasingly endangering the indigenous workers in the country, dragging our country into economic crisis. They had a fourteen-year-old daughter named Süveyda, who was coming to the school that I’ve been teaching, from this young family with three children. She was the eldest child of a family who had not known the language of this country and had fallen under the psychological influences of some people, alongside their bad financial situations. In such short period of time as in three months she could speak Turkish very well. In my eyes she will study and will attain a good position in this country and will look after her family. To me, her future was bright.

We with my wife married to each other with love. For me, love is what they say. If it was possible to express my love for her with words then it would be nameless. Because there is no word that could express how I feel about her. Ever since we moved to Kadıköy, we wanted to have a child. My wife was pregnant to a three-month-old baby girl. I would be having a child. Such happiness was a great feeling. In the same way, while my wife was five months pregnant I had a bad incident that never happened in my life. My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer. She could not be saved against all the doctors efforts. I could not tell this sorrow. I no longer have a love, a friend, my wife. I did not have a daughter. I spent a year in Kadikoy. Maybe the closest person to me was Süveyda. She was a very intelligent and hardworking girl who understood me. To me, her name was a black spot, symbolizing the peace that existed in the middle of the world's heart. Because black was love. Because love was clean. Because peace was a clean milk. Because love meant peace. And people should have believed it.       She would not have even paid attention to those who alienated her in school. Her determination in her studies, her success, her stance against life was continuing increasingly day by day.

On a rainy Monday, when we came to the neighborhood from the school, I noticed the ambulances in the neighborhood and the cops were in front of the house where they lived. The family that was murdered was Süveyda’s family. The scream that suddenly broke out belonged to Süveyda. She no longer had a family. According to the speeches I heard, it was said that in this neighborhood they were different and that Süveyda’s mother was earning money by using her body and so they were murdered.Süveyda was not alone. She had me. I should be protecting her. We should be living by sharing our pain. I could not leave her like that. She was now my only girl.

      When I looked at this mirror which she have given to me on the birthday a year ago and thought about all that, I remembered the award ceremony of the Human Rights Institution of Turkey and the birthday dinner prepared after the ceremony. Yes, today was my birthday. I was an elderly man who was happily waiting for death at the age of sixty.

It was evening, we were all listening to Süveyda on the dais and she was elected president of the institution by the president because of her hard work and considerations for human rights. Thanks to her, organizations have been set up in many parts of Turkey and abroad in two countries for immigrants to be educated in schools and to recruit them to community. I was listening to her proudly. She pointed at me and said, "Father." While I was listening to her, I felt my cheeks wet. The hall was drowned in applause. Yes, I was sure. In this country, no family of immigrants will be like her family for as long as she was in life. In this country the human rights taken by human beings will be restored. I was happy now, I could die. My family's revenge that came from Afghanistan to Istanbul was taken forty years later, and their killers were asked for an account. When Süveyda finishes her speech we could hug and cry to our heart’s content…

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